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4 Months of Free Ink - with HP Instant Ink

Updated: May 30, 2018

Here's how to get 4 months of free ink (1200 full color pages) with HP Instant Ink!

First, you need a HP Instant Ink Printer. I chose the HP Envy Photo 7155, because I found an incredible deal at Staples for $89.99; however, you can order a smaller printer for as little as $49.99.

Second, you need to register your printer. If you sign up with HP Instant Ink using my referral link - click here - Artrageous Fun & HP Instant Ink Thank You - we both get a FREE MONTH of printing. Yipeee!

Your new printer will come with 3 months of FREE printing when you buy it. (I just bought my new printer (May 2018) and I think the 3 month free trial is pretty standard for now.

Choose the 300 pages per month plan. Even if you don’t print this much, you can downgrade at any time after the promo is over. You might as well get your 300 pages per month FREE! (And... any pages you do not print ROLL OVER to the next month! However, they do cap at 300 pages, so you can’t roll them over again the next month.) Moreover, your printer automatically lets HP know when your ink levels are low, so they can send you more ink directly to your door, before you run out.

* Shipping and recycling included in monthly plan.

* There is no annual fee.

* You can change or cancel plans anytime.

So, this is how YOU TOO can get 4 months (1200 printed pages) of FREE printing!


For best results, print on gloss photo paper. My favorite paper for this project is Office Depot standard photo paper gloss, 49 lb.


For best results, I suggest using laminating pouches. My favorite product for this project is Office Depot letter-size laminating pouches 5 mil.

<strong>DID YOU KNOW?</strong>

Home photo printers use less ink on glossy photo paper than on cardstock or matte finish papers.

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