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I love VISTAPRINT. Their website is user friendly and their products and services are extremely reasonable (given the price of printer ink these days - LOL).

I know there are many teachers and educators who are short on wall space. Many of the products I create are designed to be printed on vinyl banners; however, I have found a way for buyers to have them printed as posters too. You can even have more than one JPEG/image printed on a poster. I have placed a PDF file on my website with step-by-step instructions in case you want to print and follow along.


Let’s say you have 3 JPEGS of posters/banners that you want printed. You know you are short on wall space, and you know that you have at least 36 inches in length to work with. You can print your 3 JPEGS on one 36 x 48 poster (80lb paper weight). See below.

Step 1: Go to Create an account - FREE

Step 2: At the top under SIGNS and POSTERS,


SELECT “Use your complete design”

SELECT 36” x 48” and

SELECT horizontal layout.

Step 3: Under IMAGES,

SELECT add images from My Computer

Choose and upload all the JPEGS you want to print

Step 4: DRAG the 1st JPEG to the POSTER layout.

The image will appear on the banner but will it will be too big.

CLICK on the JPEG image and a tool bar will appear. (see blue arrow below)

SELECT the Crop/Rotate option.

SELECT the Scale to Fit option and the JPEG will resize to fit the poster. SELECT the Move/Resize option to move the JPEG to the left or right.

Step 5: Drag the next JPEG onto the POSTER layout.

Use the corners to resize the image. Do this for the 3rd JPEG as well.

Make sure to stay inside the safety line.

SELECT the PREVIEW option above the NEXT button to view prior to adding to cart.

Step 6: Once you receive your printed poster, cut out and laminate for durability.

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