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As a long time financial secretary for a K-5 elementary school, Christine understands that school is often a "home away from home." With the blessing of a supportive principal, she sought to create a warm and inviting environment for students so they would know ...

You are the Reason We Are Here!  

Christine focused her efforts on transforming her school into a fun and festive environment.

Each year the faculty selected a theme and Christine spent her summer break creating themed character education banners to display in the school foyer and hallways.  By the time August arrived, the school was decorated accordingly and there was no way a student could walk through the doors without excitement for the new school year.

From a financial standpoint, Christine witnessed a huge savings on the amount of money the school was spending on decorations for various school functions.  With one theme in place for the entire school year, decorations were utilized for more than just one event.  Upon the request of teachers at her school, Christine expanded her creative talents into the classroom by creating colorful resources for teachers and students. From desk name plates, to Common Core standard posters, you too, can purchase her latest creations.

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