Character Education Banners by ARTrageous FUN are a GREAT way to decorate your classroom or school hallways. They serve as constant visual reminders to students the importance of having good character. Each banner features eye-catching graphics and transforms otherwise underutilized hallways and common spaces in the school. Moreover, vinyl banners last for years … just roll-up at the end of the year and hang again when the new school year starts.


Let your students know ... Character Matters Here!



This product was created to be printed on a vinyl banner measuring 2.5' x 6' or 2' x 6'.


DISCLAIMER: this purchase does not include any of the costs associated with printing the banner.

Step-by-step instructions (with illustrations) for uploading this image to are provided; however, it can also be printed at other places like Walmart, Walgreens, Staples and Office Depot.


  • Vistaprint - from $44.00 - always coupons in Cyberspace for this website!

  • Walmart - from $24.96 - Google search for coupons!

  • Walgreens - from $24.99 - don't forget to look for coupons!

  • Staples - from $38.29 - don't forget to look for coupons!

  • Office Depot - from $35.99 - don't forget to look for coupons!



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